My short story The End of Night on Second-Day is available to read in the anthology Gargantua, published by Air and Nothingness Press. The short stories in Gargantua all feature a megastructure and are 1000 words long, a fantastic juxtaposition between the super huge and the super small.

The cover for the anthology "Gargantua," which is mostly blue, with several water drops in the process of sending out ripples in water as the central figure in the cover. To the right of the ripples is a list of included authors.

In The End of Night on Second-Day, Lila Cross was the last of her family to see the sun before it was stolen. Her great-granddaughter Hester, like all the citizens of Second-Day, has lived her entire life in darkness. After an encounter with a nocturnal and carnivorous alien leaves her wounded, Hester resolves to liberate the sun from the thieves who stole it, and to live one moment in the sunlight.

Pick up the Gargantua anthology here.

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