My short story “Two Condition Reports from The Museum of Mythologic Science and Paranatural History” is now available to read in Issue 8 of Hexagon magazine! A specimen runs amok in the collections, causing all sorts of museum mayhem and necessitating a ton of paperwork, replete with monster factoids, professional sniping, and complaints.

This story is in good company alongside stories and poems by Carol Scheina, Avra Margariti, Anna Martino, and Hannah Hulbert, and the cover art by Sarah Allen Reed. Give “Two Condition Reports” and all of Issue 8 a read here!

The cover for Hexagon Issue 8. "Hexagon" is in red, with the "o" made out of a hexagon. The cover shows a person sat at a table strewn with objects, including teeth. The person has red eyes and is gesticulating with two outstretched fingers on either hand.

For those who have clicked through the “read more”: Behold!

A drawing in blue ink of a butter knife, with descriptions (metal butter knife) and measurements (total length: 5.5 in, handle: 2.5 in) written in pencil. The top of the paper the drawing is on reads in large letters: "Condition Report"

My first ever condition report illustration, for an assignment in graduate school. Soon afterwards, I stopped taking notes and started drafting “Two Condition Reports” in class. I finished the story a few months after graduating, and started shopping it around under the mounting pressure of a job search that was going nowhere. I thought that if I could at least get the story picked up, the degree wouldn’t have been for nothing.

Two museum jobs and several years later, Hexagon picked up the story. Hexagon has been on my list of dream publications since I found them through Issue 2 in Fall of 2020, so I am extremely pleased that the editor liked “Two Condition Reports” enough to publish it.

I hope you enjoy the story.

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