Its award nomination season for science fiction and fantasy. This is the first time I’ve put together one of these posts. I’d be delighted if you read some of my eligible works for 2021, and would be beyond elated if any of them were nominated.

A Dragon’s Post short story, fantasy at Swords and Sorcery Magazine (November 2021) – An intrepid mail carrier tries to finish her assigned route in the face of curses, stolen mail, and even…dragons.

Silverfish, Noun; Help, Verb short story, fantasy at Mythaxis Magazine (September 2021) – An archivist must forge an unlikely alliance in order to save her archives from impending ruin.

Light Amidst the Plains flash fiction, horror at Dose of Dread (August 2021) – Found-footage style documentation of a building that beckons.

The Houses Lie Empty on Mulberry Street short story, horror at Theme of Absence (July 2021) – No one lives in the houses on Mulberry Street, yet Joannie has befriended a pair of odd girls there.

The Shape of Perfect Beasts flash fiction, fantasy/folktale in The Colored Lens: Summer 2021 (July 2021) – Animals compete to see who can best embody the most perfect and golden of shapes.

Remembering Simulacra flash fiction, fantasy in A Quiet Afternoon 2 (July 2021) – Dinosaur statues awake every night and dimly remember what they were made in image of.

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