My science fiction short story “You’re It” is out now in the June 2020 issue of Utopia Science Fiction! “You’re It”  has everything – geological features, Neptune’s best moon, and cosmic married life. Its also one of the most optimistic and cheerful stories I’ve written, and I’m really glad it story found a home with Utopia Science Fiction, a magazine that publishes “stories that hold to a more optimistic future. One we want to believe in, one we would fight for.”

I struggled while writing this story, trying to get the balance between the shortness of a flash piece and the strength of the characters right. The addition of having the protagonist be a geologist was a bit of a late one, but I think it really solidified the story.

You can pick up the June issue to check out You’re It and a slew of other stories and poems here!

The cover for Utopia Science Fiction’s June 2020 issue. Utopia Science Fiction is written in blue at the top, with a stylized comet above it. The main cover is composed of a planet with rings, most of it in shadow, and in front of it a second smaller planet or moon, also largely in shadow. In the bottom right hand corner in white font it reads “Featuring: Gabrielle Bleu Thomas Broderick Stephen C. Curro and More!”

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