My found-footage style horror story “Light Amidst the Plains” is now available to read at Dose of Dread by Dread Stone Press.

Teaser text for the story "Light Amidst the Plains." "There's too much red around the house, on the guardrails at the edge of the road. Illuminated by my headlights. Bodies. Roadkill. Whole herds, warrens, dead on the roadside, piled high in front of the house."

I originally wrote the very first draft of this story in 2016 when I was working a job that made me miserable and had a forty-minute commute one way. The highway looped through the high plains, and there was a small building along the way that I only seemed to notice at night on the way home. I’m very excited that the story’s final form found a home with Dread Stone Press, and hope you are suitably unsettled by it.