If you’re a fan of both DnD and my writing, and you haven’t picked up a copy of Scientific Secrets of Avernus to check out my two new monsters, now is the time! You can get Scientific Secrets of Avernus, Icewind Dale, and Saltmarsh as a bundle, containing almost 100 new and exciting monsters, 2 of which are written by me.

The three covers for the Scientific Secrets bundle, arranged in a grid, with an interior illustration making up the final bottom right corner. The top left cover for Scientific Secrets of Saltmarsh shows a red sea monster looming over an overboard sailor. To the right is the cover for Scientific Secrets of Avernus, a black and white image of a winged demon looking out over a lake. The bottom left cover for Scientific Secrets of Icewind Dale depicts a person with grey-green skin hoisting a spear and a shield, with a wolverine-like animal at their feet. The bottom right teaser image is an illustration of a decomposing whale-fall and a blue luminous creature above it.

My monsters the Volcanitherium and the False Cleric Fish are fantastically illustrated by Erin Anderson in Scientific Secrets of Avernus. I pulled the scientific inspiration for both creatures from paleontology. The volcanitherium draws inspiration from the Volaticotherium antiquum, a gliding mammal from the Jurassic period, while my False Cleric Fish pulls from the exoskeletons of trilobites, and the healing properties of the blood of horseshoe crabs (watch out for the False Cleric Fish’s regenerative abilities).

If you need some new monsters for your DnD campaign or one-shot, be sure to check out my 2 cool monsters, and the 94 other cool monsters that accompany them in this bundle.