The anthology Coppice & Brake by Crone Girls Press is out now! In it you can read my horror story, Dog’s Blood Trail; a heartwarming story about a father, his son, and their faithful dog, as well as a razor-blade and a handful of sharks. Not only that, 22 other stories of love, horror, hope, and despair appear in this dizzying anthology. Snag a copy for yourself here, in print or for kindle.

A night guard brings an offering to the eternal denizens of a notorious prison.
In a young girl’s room, the shiny people keep watch in the night.
A proud father beams as his son takes the stage for the performance of a lifetime.
The stories in this anthology are the glimpses of the dark places between the forest and a dream. They are the shadows seeking the last notes of a dying violin. They invite the reader into a world where a condemned man faces his fate over and over and over again. Coppice & Brake is an anthology of dark fiction, featuring tales from the borderlands of horror, speculative fiction, and the nightmare fears that linger even after you turn on the lights.