I’m extremely pleased to announce that my short horror story “Dog’s Blood Trail” has been picked up by Crone Girls Press to be part of the upcoming anthology “Coppice & Brake” edited by Rachel A. Brune. Crone Girls Press will also be releasing Volume Two of its “Stories We Tell After Midnight” anthology.

Image from iOS
Two book covers on a white and grey background. The leftmost reads “A Dark Fiction Anthology Edited by Rachel A. Brune Coppice & Brake” and featrues two black birds sitting on a widnow looking out on a winter forest. The cover on the right reads “Volume Two Stores We Tell After Midnight Edited by Rachel A Brune.” The cover is mostly black with a grey humanoid figure with bulging eyes and a mouth open and filled with sharp teeth. Between the two covers is a skull in a white circle.

I hope that the collected stories give you a fright, and that mine leaves a particular impression. I’m very excited to once again share my fear of dogs with you all.