Short Story

“Dog’s Blood Trail” Upcoming

I’m extremely pleased to announce that my short horror story “Dog’s Blood Trail” has been picked up by Crone Girls Press to be part of the upcoming anthology “Coppice & Brake” edited by Rachel A. Brune. Crone Girls Press will also be releasing Volume Two of its “Stories We Tell After Midnight” anthology.

Image from iOS
Two book covers on a white and grey background. The leftmost reads “A Dark Fiction Anthology Edited by Rachel A. Brune Coppice & Brake” and featrues two black birds sitting on a widnow looking out on a winter forest. The cover on the right reads “Volume Two Stores We Tell After Midnight Edited by Rachel A Brune.” The cover is mostly black with a grey humanoid figure with bulging eyes and a mouth open and filled with sharp teeth. Between the two covers is a skull in a white circle.

I hope that the collected stories give you a fright, and that mine leaves a particular impression. I’m very excited to once again share my fear of dogs with you all.

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